Email Broadcasting

Healthcare Email Services

 BrightPath Marketing has access to the largest, finest quality "AMA Data-Matched*"medical specialty email database. The email addresses are classified by over 55 medical specialties, and by State. With over 580,000 AMA Data-Matched* e-mail addresses, BrightPath can put together and launch a project that will get your message out to the right physicians every time.   We can broadcast email messages on your behalf to any number of doctors in our data base. You can request a selection by specific medical specialty or USA states.We are in full compliance with all national email laws. Here are a few of the many ways you can benefit from broadcasting email:

  • Announce a new product or service
  • Recruit doctors for jobs or clinical trials
  • Roll out a new product line
  • Promote your presence at a trade Show
  • Send out an informational or educational message
  • Announce an FDA approval
  • Promote continuing medical education credits
  • Provide information about pharmaceuticals
  • Recruit doctors to respond to a survey you're conducting
  • Announce news about your company
  • Build your brand

BrightPath Marketing has the capabilities to send both HTML and Plain text messages or both at the same time. We have the tools to help you narrow down your list to reach your exact market with an impactful approach and look.  

Business to Business

BrightPath has access to the most complete database of Business to Business and Consumer Email Lists.  Selections can be made based on a variety of demographics:

     Company Type

     Sales Volume



     Income Level

     plus many more....

HTML Email Design Services

Don't have a Graphic Artist on staff.  Let us help you with your HTML Design project.  We can take your copy and images and create your HTML Document for you.  Our team will design a document that looks great in whatever application it is opened in (Desktop, Laptop, Table, or Phone).